Be proud being a Buddhist

Buddhism invites inquiry. The Buddha emphasizes Right Understanding. He encourages all to ‘Come and investigate my teachings’ instead of simply ‘Come and believe in me.’ I am proud to be a Buddhist.

Buddhism advocates peace and harmony. Not a drop of blood is shed in the name of the Buddha or his teachings. Without a single forceful conversion, Buddhism spreads far and wide peacefully, transcending cultural and physical barriers. I am proud to be a Buddhist.

Some religions say that only their followers can go to heaven while all others go to hell. The Buddha, however, says that everyone can go to heaven as long as you Do Good and Be Good. I am proud to be a Buddhist.

Buddhism inspires spiritual cultivation through purification and mastery of the mind. The Buddha gives due credibility and dignity to human intellect. He says we have the potential to achieve the highest spiritual perfection by developing our ethical, spiritual and intellectual capabilities. With unshaken determination, He shows by example. I am proud to be a Buddhist

Dear Friends, it is time to rejoice and celebrate. The birth of the Blessed One brought solace to the sentient beings. His enlightenment lit the path of liberation to the deluded world. And when He attained blissful Parinibbāna, He left behind a supreme teaching that is full of compassion and wisdom

Let’s be proud Buddhists in putting the noble teachings of the Buddha into practice and in being good examples to the others.

I wish you a peaceful Vesak Day!
May you all be well and happy!

With Metta
Ven. K. Rathanasara
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple
6th May 2017

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