Dhammānausāri Day Retreat 2017

(On 9th August – From 8am to 5pm)

Dear Dhamma Friends,

Organised on each of Singapore’s National Day since 2009 by Venerable K. Rathanasara, One Day of Mindfulness is the annual day retreat of Dhammānusāri.

The retreat serves as a reminder of our responsibility to the community in which one lives as well as a reminder that to be a person who can contribute to the lives of those around us, we must first begin first by cultivating the good in ourselves.

The programme of this entire day of contemplation on the Dhamma takes the form of meditation practice alternating with Dhamma talks and a question-and-answer session conducted by Venerable K. Rathanasara.

Join us on this day and take a first step towards being kind to yourself, and then, to those around you.

Yours in the Dhamma
Dhammanusari organizing committee

one day mindfulness

08am – 8:30am
Pūjā procession, Observing of Eight Precepts and Homage to the Triple Gem

08:30am – 09am
Why do we have to observe Noble Silence? (A short sermon)

09am – 10am
Buddhanussati Meditation (Guided Session)

10am – 10:15am
Tea break (biscuits, coffee, tea, soft drinks, water)

10:15am – 11:30am
Meditation on Impermanence

11:30am – 01pm
Lunch break and rest period (A vegetarian lunch will be provided)

01pm – 02pm
Walking meditation (Instructions and a practical session)

02pm – 03pm
Misunderstood Buddhism (Q&A session)

03pm – 03:30pm
Tea break (coffee, tea, soft drinks, water)

03:30pm – 04:30pm
Can we decide our next life? (A Dhamma Talk and Q&A)

04:30 – 05pm
Termination of eight precepts, chanting of Metta Sutta and Merits dedication.