Our Past Events

Annual Sanghika Dana
Annual Sāṅghika Dāna
(alms giving to monks)

Every year during the month of August (hungry ghost month) Dhammakāmi Buddhist Society and
Dhammānusāri friends offer Sānghika Dāna to monks and also transfer merits to departed relatives.
This year, the annual Sāṅghika Dāna was held on Saturday, August 27th 2016, at Tim Place, Safra Club. Dāna was offered to 20 monks and Venerable K. Rathanasara gave an enlightening talk entitled
“Will Buddhism disappear from the world”

One Day Retreat
Dhammanusari Day Retreat

For the 7th time, Dhammānusāri friends organized a retreat (observance of eight precepts) on August 9th 2016, National Day from 8am to 5 pm.

The day was filled with walking meditation, sitting meditation, dhamma talks, Q&A session, fruitful discussion, Puja and chanting.

Pilgrimage To Tibet
Pilgrimage to Tibet

Pilgrimage is an act of faith, which helps our spiritual development and practice. Every year in the month of June, Dhammānusāri friends organize a pilgrimage trip to a location of significance for Buddhism. This year, our destination was Tibet. During this trip, we had the pleasure to visit various monasteries and other historical sites. Some notable locations
include Qinghai Lake, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, Ganden Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Samye Monastery, Chimpu Caves, Gandan Monastery and Zigong Monastery.

Digital Dhamma Mission (DDM)

Digital Dhamma Mission is a portal that provides you access to online Buddhist resources.

Our aim is to facilitate the search by Dhamma seekers for digitalised Dhamma resources that are based on Theravada Buddhism.

About Us

We are followers of the Dhamma from Dhammānusāri of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple and Dhammakāmi Buddhist Society, two Buddhist volunteer groups under the guidance of our spiritual teacher, Venerable K. Rathanasara, a Resident Monk of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, Singapore. Venerable Rathanasara is an experienced and well respected Dhamma teacher who frequently gives talks at Buddhist temples and centers around Singapore.

We are dedicated to organizing Dhamma activities such as retreats, talks, classes, pilgrimage and social and welfare activities with the intention of creating opportunities for the practice and study of the Dhamma, especially for those who are interested to know more about Buddhism.

As part of our Dhamma propagation work, we produce books, magazines, CDs and audio books.

In time to come, we intend to produce more digitalized Dhamma materials, we would be grateful for any form of support. As such, we take this opportunity to invite you to join us and Share the Dhamma by contributing your time and skills.


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