Dhammakami Buddhist Society’s new Dhamma Centre official opening

opening ceremony

After several months of planning, design and renovations, on Saturday, 3 February, 2018, through a simple yet dignified religious ceremony led by our Founder and Spiritual Advisor, Venerable K Rathanasara, Dhammakami Buddhist Society (DKBS) officially opened its new Dhamma centre. This momentous event was graced by twenty venerable monks from the various Buddhist traditions and attended by generous donors and ardent students of our Dhamma classes.

Digital Dhamma Mission (DDM)

Digital Dhamma Mission is a portal that provides you access to online Buddhist resources.

Our aim is to facilitate the search by Dhamma seekers for digitalised Dhamma resources that are based on Theravada Buddhism.

About Us

The Dhammakāmi Buddhist Society (DKBS) was inaugurated with the ‘Buddhism is a path of transformation’ vision. To facilitate one’s journey on this spiritual path of perfection, it is thus DKBS’s mission to serve as an effective vehicle to propagate the noble teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma). We are privileged to be led and guided by our well-respected Founder and Spiritual Advisor, Venerable K. Rathanasara in this pursuit. Having resided in Singapore for the past seventeen years, Venerable Rathanasara is not only an eloquent and frequently sought-after Dhamma speaker but also an author of many Dhamma books.

DKBS is managed by a committee of dedicated volunteers. In line with our objective to provide ample opportunities for the study and practice of the Dhamma, we organize retreats, public talks, Sutta classes, pilgrimages and community activities.

As part of our Dhamma propagation work, we publish books, magazines, CDs and audio books on an on-going basis. We are also in the process of digitizing more Dhamma resources for easy online access. We welcome all who are interested to learn more about Buddhism as well as those who are keen to volunteer their services.


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